The Truth About Parking

We’ve all been there. Riding around the block looking for decent parking options. And while it is a definite necessity, it’s never a good experience for anyone running on a tight deadline. But have you ever wondered what this routine dilemma is taking from you? Here at Swytch-Swap, we’re delving deeper into the phenomenon that is parking and letting our readers and mobile parking app users catch a glimpse of the reality of the situation.

According to INRIX, an organization focusing on transportation analytics, the average American spends up to 17 hours a year searching for a parking space. Now it may not sound like much, but for someone who doesn’t have the luxury to spend time on parking space hunting, those 17 hours means a lot. And depending on the city where you live, the numbers could vary.

How is parking in New York city?

parked carsNew York is one of the most populated states in the country, and one of the most difficult places to look for available parking. Image by Foulon Richard from Pixabay

According to the same organization, New York is considered to be one of the most hectic places to be when it comes to finding and reserving parking. Let’s take Manhattan for example; the city has a population of about 1.63 million people (approximately 7,826 people per square mile) living in about 59.1 square kilometers (about 36.7 miles) of variable terrain. With these factors set in place, it makes it one of the most populated areas in the United States. Given the situation, associating the difficulty of looking for a parking spot is relatively straight forward. Therefore, one can safely say that it isn't an easy task to do. In fact, looking for a parking space in downtown Manhattan alone is enough to drive anyone crazy, especially after peak hours. Paid parking around the area isn't as forgiving as well, with New York being one of the costliest cities for parking.

How much is street parking in New York City?

picture of a man inside the carIt’s not only time that’s being wasted every time you look for a parking space. Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

It is estimated that the average New Yorker spends around $530 monthly for paid parking lots and buildings. Some parking establishments are also known to jack up the prices depending on the season, So the 500-dollar rate may actually increase during, say, the holidays. Of course, that's not the only option people have. Much like in any other city, you could opt for spots with mounted street meters, which is way cheaper than paying for a full day at a parking building. New York’s parking rates are set at around $20. It's still quite expensive but it's a far cry from spending hundreds of dollars monthly.

Is there any alternative to looking for a parking spot?

It's a well-known fact that the growing population is already affecting different factors, including the parking spaces. Because of this, companies and organizations have stepped up to address the situation and give solutions to drivers not only around New York but across the United States as well. While some organizations have taken the more traditional route of tackling the parking problem by passing laws or proposals to their respective government bodies, other companies prefer to use technology to address the situation. More and more programs and community-based parking mobile apps have been developed over the past years in the hopes of relieving the stress that comes with parking and overpopulation with their own unique take on convenient space finding regardless of where you are.

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