Mobile Parking Apps Could Soon Be a Staple in Daily Life

Swytch-Swap is looking forward to expanding its community now more than ever, especially with the recent events in the transportation industry hinting that mobile parking apps may soon be a common part of life for drivers all over the US.

Just a few days ago, Austin Transportation announced that anyone parking in their city can now secure and pay for parking on the phone in advance through Google Maps and Google Pay. The department stated that enabling people to use mobile parking apps helps them reach their destinations faster. And other than providing convenience, this also makes transportation much safer by reducing physical interactions with parking meters or ticketing machines, especially now amidst the pandemic.

mobile phone with a gps pointing to a vacant spot in a parking lot
Drivers can soon utilize mobile parking apps to reserve and pay for their parking across the country.

While it’s great that transportation systems like that of Austin now enables the use of all-in-one navigation apps like Google Maps, it’s understandable if some would want a more dedicated parking finder app, which lessens the confusion and hassle for drivers. In that case, Swytch-Swap can definitely provide this level of convenience that the people are looking for.

The Swytch-Swap mobile parking app operates with the same goals and in a similar manner, but in a national scale. It’s available in many cities across the country, and even prioritizes the busiest areas like those in New York. Swytch-Swap is a community-based app, letting you secure a parking spot in advance by swapping parking spaces with a fellow app user and pay your fees within the parking app itself.

The advantage of a parking app like Swytch-Swap is that it's built for a single purpose; using it is pretty straightforward without other infos to clog up the interface. Users only have to open the app and browse through the list of available parking spaces posted by other drivers in their area. Clicking on a listing lets the app user reserve it right away, complete with time and date as well as other information worth taking note of. There’s no need to navigate through a map just to find the area you need, so securing a parking spot can definitely be a cinch.

On that note, Swytch-Swap relies heavily on its community of app users. This community is on its way in growing day by day, and you can be part of it when you download our parking app for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Learn more about its functions here. Feel free to give us a call or send us an email to get in touch.