The Revolutionary New Parking App Designed For Your Convenience

Swytch-Swap is a dynamic peer-to-peer mobile parking app that connects a community of drivers who aim to reclaim their Time, Sanity, and Money. And rid themselves of hours of street parking angst. Gone are the days of street parking desperation and a sense of discomfort that comes with repeatedly driving around the block in the hopes that someone MAY vacate a spot.

Swytch-Swap alleviates the burden of after-work and after-hour parking stress by providing a platform in which drivers like you are notified when and where a parking space is available. Why settle for the traditional method of looking for a space to park when you can simply open our parking app, choose from a list of available locations, reserve, and park? No fuss. No trouble.

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Why Choose Swytch-Swap?

While mobile parking apps aren’t a new innovation, most of what is available either fail to meet user demands, riddled with hidden fees, or simply non-functional. With the Swytch-Swap, you get everything you’ve always wanted in a mobile parking app and more.

We’ve specifically designed the interface to be as user-friendly as possible. This means better management and functionality when you look for a parking space without dealing with unnecessary steps just to reserve one. The parking app itself is constantly monitored and regulated by a dedicated technical support team, ensuring that our app functions the way it’s supposed to without compromising convenience for our users.

We like to believe that Swytch-Swap is the best parking app available today. And this can be said thanks to the unwavering commitment of our customer support team who are ready round-the clock to provide you with the assistance that you need regarding the features of our app.

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How it Works

Ribbon IconSwytch-Swap Compensation and Rewards

For a nominal fee incurred by the “SEEKER”, a “LISTER” is Compensated once their listing has been purchased and acknowledged within the Swytch-Swap app.

Once the listing has been selected by a “SEEKER and acknowledged by the “LISTER”, the “SEEKER” is Rewarded for purchasing the listing and earns one (1) SWAP Credit towards a future SWAP purchase. It’s that simple!

Card Icon Card Icon Swytch-Swap Membership

Annual membership enrollment while not required to utilize the service, is available for those looking to earn higher rebates at lower SWAP costs. The cost of Membership is $20 and will be billed on the anniversary date of the initial enrollment to the payment method on file.

Aizen Berg

It’s easy to use and doesn’t require much tinkering to understand or even reserve a parking spot. Definitely worth recommending

Jaime Wright

I’m very glad I downloaded the app, makes my life easier knowing I can swap a parking space with another app user.

Beverly Hayes

It’s a must try. Fellow drivers who use the app can trade the spot with you and you get to earn points while you do it!

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