A Step-by-Step Parking App Guideline to Maximize your App Experience

Swytch-Swap’s mobile interface makes it convenient for any driver to use. No longer do you have to deal with confusing entries just to find and reserve a parking spot. With our app, you get to find and reserve in a matter of minutes. Learn how you can take full advantage of the app and assist fellow drivers in looking for a parking spot as well by reading through the parking app guidelines.

  • Users within the Swytch-Swap community application are known as a “SWAPPER”. A “SWAPPER” can either be a “LISTER” (one who is posting their listing) or a “SEEKER” (one who is looking for a listing).
  • Users will create a profile to include their vehicle and payment information as well as the ability to upload a profile picture and a picture of their vehicle. You will be able to save as a favorite your most visited areas which will allow you to be notified if a “SEEKER” has put in a request that you are able to accommodate.
  • As a “SWAPPER” we compensate one another for simply securing a listing. Through a detailed map of street parking availability (free and metered), a “LISTER” is now able to share their exact time of departure with a “SEEKER” looking for listings within their desired area.
  • “SEEKER” can now filter through available street parking listings (posted by their fellow “SWAPPER”) and choose from listings and times that work for them.
  • Should no listings exists in your specific area, don’t fret, you can put up a request for where you are seeking and anyone that has saved your requested location as a favorite, will get a notification that someone is currently seeking in the area.